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About Me

Heather from e-course alley

Hi my name is Heather! I'm an educator, instructional designer, infopreneur and leader with over 10 years experience in the education field.

I started e-course alley as a way for me to share my knowledge with the world and help grow the "online entrepreneur" revolution.

I'm passionate about sharing my expertise in the e-learning/e-course industry. My goal is to help as many "side hustlers" as I can with their journey to financial freedom. 

I live in Canada with my husband and cat. I enjoy practicing yoga, playing piano, salsa dancing and sketching in my spare time.

If you have a question or want some advice on online course creation please don't hesitate to drop me a line on my Contact page. I'm a very down-to-earth person and look forward to helping you work for yourselves and truly want to get up in the morning!

Thanks for stopping by!

Founder and CEO of e-course alley

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