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10 Pinterest Boards to Follow in 2020 to Improve Your Online Course Sales

10 Pinterest Boards to Follow in 2020 to Improve Your Online Course Sales

Happy New Year! Wow, I can’t believe it is 2020 – it seems like the future to even type that year out. In honour of a new year just starting I wanted to supply you with some tools, resources, blogs, and information in general to help you produce, market and sell online courses in 2020. So, I’m starting off with this post outlining 10 Pinterest Boards to follow in 2020 to improve your online course sales.

10 Pinterest Boards to Follow in 2020 to Improve Your Online Course Sales


As you may know, I like to get straight to the point, so you don’t have to scroll too much to get to the heart of the content, so here are my suggestions, in no particulate order, on Pinterest boards you should follow to help you build and sell online courses:

  1. Online Courses by Destini Copp, Facebook Ads Consultant & Podcaster
    On this Pinterest board, you’ll find 1487 pins about online course creation, as well as courses you can take to help you with marketing.
  1. Online Course Creation by therandomp.com, Online Business + Self-Growth
    This Pinterest board has 396 pins geared toward online course creation, launch tips, how to get more sales, course design, and online course platforms.
  1. Selling Your Online Course by Jana O. Media, Organizing & Productivity for Online Business
    The focus for this Pinterest board is selling your online course. It contains 296 pins spanning from how to get found on Google to how to sell your course on Pinterest and grow your email list.
  1. Copywriting Tips for Online Course Creators by Destini Copp, Facebook Ads Consultant & Podcaster
    This Pinterest board contains 498 pins about copywriting to help you craft better sales pages for your online courses as well as digital marketing ads.
  1. Profitable Online Course Creation by Lisa Rodriguez
    On this Pinterest board you’ll find 178 pins about building and launching profitable online courses.
  1. Online Course Creation Tips and Resources by Cara Chace, Pinterest Marketing + Management
    If you are looking for resources about online course creation, eBooks, webinar tips and coaching for small business and solopreneurs, this Pinterest board offers 228 pins of useful information to delve into.
  1. Online Course Creation by ExtraBold
    This Pinterest board offers 287 pins of information ranging from coming up with ideas for your online course to building and launching it. There are also pins on this board about other digital products such as eBooks.
  1. Online Course Creators by Melyssa Griffin, Entrepreneur + Blogging Tips
    This Pinterest board contains 210 pins of information and is divided into two sections: Making Money with an Online Course and How to Create an Online Course. You’ll find resources to help you come up with profitable course ideas as well as how to launch and market your online course.
  1. Course Creator: Launch Strategy by Mariah Coz, of mariahcoz.com, Marketing for Course Creators
    This Pinterest board is chalk full of great strategies to launch your online course. With 1211 pins, you’ll find tips for design, marketing and social media to create a successful launch campaign.
  1. E-Course Creation by e-course alley
    Last but not least, is our Pinterest board at e-course alley about e-course creation where you’ll find 903 pins about strategies, tools, downloadable templates, videos and more to help you build profitable e-courses.


I hope you find some of the tips and strategies presented in the above Pinterest boards useful as you create, market and sell your online courses.

If you end up making use of a tip or strategy from one of these Pinterest boards let us know what helped you in the comment section below.

What strategy helped improve your online course sales? Why do you think it worked for you?

A toast to your success in 2020 as an online course creator!

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