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How Accounting Companies Are Adopting Digitalization

How Accounting Companies Are Adopting Digitalization

Accountancy has undergone a major transformation in recent years. Digitalization has been the major change which has taken place in this profession over the last few years. Cloud computing offers manifold advantages to accountants in their day to day work. Accountants, therefore, are more responsive to customers than what they used to be earlier.

These days, consumers are highly tech-savvy. They have embraced digital technology and are using it to access their accounts at any time and from anywhere they want to. They want real-time reporting for all transactions of their accounts and prompt service. Accounting digitalization is ideal for these clients. The tool enables accountants to provide quick, error-free service to their clients.

Here are some ways in which companies which offer accounting services are adopting digitalization in a positive way:

How Accounting Companies Are Adopting Digitalization


For most companies, their books are kept in a heap of receipts kept somewhere within the office. With such disorder, it becomes challenging for an accountant to offer a business with bookkeeping services of satisfactory quality. But with the advent of accounting digitalization, there has been a change in the scenario. It is now possible for an accountant to access all types of receipts from a single cloud space. Now, it is possible for accountants to do all types of work, including calculation and filing of tax returns.

Bookkeeping Services


In the US, the government recently declared that all paper tax returns will be redundant by 2020. It also announced that all parties need to adopt paperless digital tax returns. Therefore, this is the ideal time for businesses and accounting professionals to adopt this change. By integrating all your accounting needs online, you create a single channel for your financial operations. Doing this is beneficial for any business.


The accounts department of any organization plays a major role in staff management. By using cloud-computing software, this role becomes considerably easier for accountants to perform. Issues related to PAYE, holiday emoluments, leave allowances, etc. is done on time. This enables a business to save a substantial amount of time, labor costs as well as man-hours. As per the study done by a well-known firm recently, almost 40% of businesses get distracted by administration related issues daily. This leaves little time for them to focus on other important aspects of their business. But by using accounting digitalization, critical accounting processes are reorganized and updated within a short span of time. Therefore, businesses have more time and energy to focus on the major aspects of their business.


Some decisions which are taken by accountants can be best made with the help of live information. For instance, if they want to focus on financial investment trends, the results might be as satisfactory with manual facilities. Cloud accounting offers an advantage in such situations. There are many platforms which offer live forecasts these days. Such platforms include stock markets, online money markets, commodity markets, etc. For an accountant to make the best valuation of these markets, he needs access to the best tool available in market-cloud computing.

Cloud computing and management has a major impact on accountants and the way they handle their day to day work. Any firm which wants to take the best advantage of this technology has to regard accounting digitalization seriously. At the same time, it is important for them to opt for the best cloud management services offered by a top cloud consulting partner to guide them wisely.


In the near future, better customer experiences will be the major factor which will differentiate brands, irrespective of the service that they offer, price, etc. Accounting digitalization can make work easier for the front-end team for handling customers as per their needs.

Better Client Experience


Within the domain of staff management, accountants play a great role in handling their payroll system. Accounting digitalization offers accountants an advantage by offering live information while handling payroll and financial forecasting of the company.


Accounting digitalization enables accountants to scan their entire data fast, and with a high level of accuracy. Auditing is usually a tedious job for accountants. But by adopting digitalization, the auditing tasks become free from risks and ensure that auditing is completed within a short span of time.


Automation has already started to change the way regulatory compliance reporting is done. The implications of automation are that instead of having high mathematical acumen, knowledge of tax-related laws and expertise in bookkeeping, accounts need to devote more time to interpret and analyze financial details. For instance, they can utilize XBRL, a format which can digitally transmit financial statement filings to government agencies.


Thus, all accounting companies are becoming more modernized by adopting a digitalization process. The digital world has grabbed the accounting system and made it easier; although, it has become too easy to calculate and estimate the accounts of the industries’ budgets.

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