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How to Quickly Create a Course Survey Using Survey Anyplace

How to Quickly Create a Course Survey Using Survey Anyplace

This is really awesome, what I’m about to show you in today’s post. I had happened upon Survey Anyplace when they invited me to guest blog on their website a couple months ago.

Their company focuses on how to create engaging surveys for your audience so I thought it would be great to try out what they offer for free and then see if it helps others also looking for a way to survey their students for feedback about their online courses.

So, I created a course survey using Survey Anyplace which can be easily linked to from within any course platform.

It was also really fast and easy to create as their interface is really user-friendly!

Survey Anyplace also has built-in analytics so you can see how people are filling out your survey. Do they complete the whole thing? Do they start it and resume later? What percentage answered a certain way for a specific question?

How to Quickly Create a Course Survey Using Survey Anyplace


Surveys are vital for getting important feedback from your audience so I highly recommend incorporating them at the end of each course you create.

If you are thinking, well how do I know that the survey results are accurate and not skewed in some way?

Well, I guess you don’t really. But if you get enough of them over time the overall big picture about how your learners experience your courses will be revealed. So, start early and make sure to continue to elicit feedback from your students.

You may have to remind them to fill out the survey. I know it feels like a chore sometimes to fill out surveys, it does for everyone. But make sure to craft your surveys so they are:

  • Short – people will be more inclined to take the survey if they know it will only take them a few minutes
  • Clear – make sure your questions and instructions are crystal clear so the survey taker doesn’t have to read a lot to answer your questions
  • Anonymous – make sure you indicate somewhere that their answers will not be connected with their user name (that it is anonymous) – this way people will fill more at ease about giving their true opinion
Keep It Simple


The easiest way for me to show how to create a survey this way is via video. So, I’ve created short demo video of me creating my course survey.

I hope it helps you or at least gives you some ideas of what you can do to get feedback from your students.

Now that you’ve watched the video, here is the final version of the survey I created in the video with Survey Anyplace:


I hope this post has given you some insider information about how to create and include surveys in an online course using Survey Anyplace.

Remember it is very, very important to receive honest feedback about your online courses in order to continuously improve your e-learning products as well as gain authority in your niche. So I highly recommend including course surveys as part of the overall online learning experience for your learners.

If you have any questions about anything I’ve mentioned in this blog post today, just leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you.

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